Potential Plagiarism – The task of linking sources



As you know I will be posting a week by week progression of how I’ve tried to make contacts and how successful I’ve been at digging up and teasing out unpublicised stories. This is however easier said than done, as I have learnt this week.

Contacts I have tried to make amongst well known African bloggers affectively proved unsuccessful for the most part, although I must add that some gracefully gave encouraging advice and helped to point me in the right direction of useful sources.

Un-intentional acts of plagiarism became a potential hazard on my part these past few weeks, as I forgot the most mandatory of rules when dealing with all things published – and that was to acknowledge my sources of information by adding direct links.


Subscribing to RSS feeds, blogs, keeping in touch with news updates, and utilising Del.icio.us, had left me all some what confused and if such tools were in fact helpful in discovering a new scoop.

It wasn’t until this week’s lecture with Paul Bradshaw that all became clear. During the lecture I discovered other useful websites such as treehugger, hugg.com, and technorati. Possible stories also emerged fron the Media Guardian.

The concept in which Paul discussed was the basic principles of writing for the web, the importance of engaging with other bloggers, inviting, and also responding to other blog posts.

Next blog – potential article for the newly launched website environmentalnewsonline ‘Agro Products & Produce, and what we can do to help’.

Sources: history, bynature


One Response to “Potential Plagiarism – The task of linking sources”

  1. Hi Stephanie,

    This is a good post; a good honest account of your progress. You’ve got the linking part sorted and the ‘next blog’ preview at the end of all your posts will keep people coming back.

    Looking forward to reading about the potential article.


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