Coping with the unexpected

When things are beyond your control

This week various obstacles were thrown my way to which I had no control over. Firstly the links to which I had added to the photographs I used within my blog seem to be non-existent leading me back to that dreaded word ‘plagiarism’. Proving I still have a lot to learn when it comes to PC’s.


My knowledge of PC’s again came in to question when my computer crashed due to a software incompatability issue with my mobile phone, taking with it all three week’s woth of work: uncompleted drafts, websites I visited and contacts I made.

Starting a fresh – New vision

Not knowing where to start, my initial reaction was to give up as I had no focal point or material to work with. As it took me a few days to re-install programmes and software back on to my PC, I was able to gradually develop a new vision concerning environmental issues affecting Africa and found new sources of information with the help of fellow piers: Tuuli, Kasper, Rachel, and Azeem.

Unfortunately ‘Agro Products and Produce, and what we can do to help’ will not be appearing, but check back for the next potential article: ‘Green is the new Black’

Sources: SXC


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