LUCIA’s Partnership with Africa

Whilst attending the fair trade bus tour which had arrived in Birmingham (UK), I was captivated by a small stall that unconsciously spoke volumes.

Intrigued by its appearance I approached the stall and was overwhelmed by its warmth and formidable presence. It was at that moment that I was introduced to LUCIA.


The birth of LUCIA

Its creational birth came about after Sylvia Gardiner (Chair of the charity’s board of trustees) visited her son in Ethiopia.

Taunted by the extent of Ethiopia’s poverty, Sylvia gathered a group of colleagues upon her return and within a few months held LUCIA’s first official charity event.

What LUCIA does

LUCIA (Life Uplifted by Change In Africa) is a UK based charity founded in Birmingham, that aims to improve the lives of many in poor areas of Africa.

LUCIA’s fight for change

LUCIA aid in the struggle to equip African people with the skills to help themselves (particularly women) without the reliance of international aid, through long-term self sustainable development projects.

What LUCIA stands for

‘Life Uplifted by Change In Africa’ forms the basis of the charity’s motto and is key to its positive approach towards change in Africa.

What we can do to help

Like many charitable organisations LUCIA needs the support of its public and fellow peers within the UK. Help support LUCIA’s efforts in Africa by donating money, prizes, your time and putting forward and fund-raising ideas.

Spreading LUCIA’s word

After speaking with Sylvia and hearing the energy in her voice as she described success stories of women in Africa, I felt compelled to write this blog in the hopes of helping LUCIA gain its recognition.

Sources: Fairtrade Foundation, LUCIA


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