The importance of vodcasting to a journalist

Digital technology allows online journalists to become more creative. The term journalist is vastly becoming more complex, as it’s no longer just about being able to write well. Nowadays a journalist is about having the ability to embrace the digital age in which we are forced to confront.

Unsure and insecure – What is vodcasting anyway?


In an attempt to understand the reasons as to why vodcasting is important to a journalist, I decided to explore the many areas that were readily available to me, courtesy of the internet.

A clearer picture


Many websites I came across offered great explanations to both podcasting and vodcasting, and how you can go about creating your own. The BBC offers a more simplistic explanation, while Channel 4 supplies us with a more attractive layout.


More in-depth


The vod-casting website is great for information on vodcasting and vodcast RSS feeds. I also came aross a blog by Robin Good who looks at how disruptive podcasting and vodcasting could be to higher education.


The benefits of being more digitally skilled


By incorporating digital technology and its capabilities within journalism, allows for a more wider scope of creativity to be explored. The emerging business that digital offers many major companies such as Sky, Virgin Media, and the BBC, is to supply its consumers with a more readily avaialble service.



Sources: Journalsim, Educationalvodcasting, Vodcasts.TV  


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