The impact of audio-slide shows and online journalism

The last topic of discussion for my online journalism module (at Birmingham City University) involved audio-slide shows and the benefits to being an online journalist.

Its impact

Compelling audio and imagery used in an audio-slide show help emulate a successful story on the web and with great simple to use tools (available on the web) this can easily be accomplished.

Adding multi-media skills to journalism

The discussion of taking journalism to new heights through the use of multimedia continues to be a hot topic as various new tools come in to play offering online journalists a new foreground in which they can explore.

Those offering help

Various websites offer guides and advice as to how to create audio slides shows, how to tell a good story using audio slideshows; and how to spot when not to use multimedia in a story.

Blogs I found to be really useful include, mastering multimedia, and teaching online journalism. These particular blogs had a certain element of infusing creativity and journalism, whilst maximising multimedia’s full ability in interacting with the audience on the web.


Sources: mindymcadams, dmxzone,


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