African Liberation Day

All images are courtesy of Stock.xchng – Many thanks to all the photographers

In commemoration of African liberation day I chose to illustrate Africa’s promise of liberation and emancipation through the images of its future.

On may 25 2008 the world celebrated African Liberation Day. This year marks the 15th anniversary commemorating those that sacrificed their lives for the liberation of the African people.

For many years Africans have enforced new ideas of liberation such as environmental justice, better education, the rights of women, food security; and improved health services in order to secure their future as a liberated nation.

“The future of African liberation will be informed by a new mode of politics where ordinary African men, women and children will be able to revel in the idea of Africa for the Africans at home and abroad and tear down the borders of oppression and control which were created in 1885”

Africa’s People

At present African people continue to strive for a better quality of life by empowering its people with the voice to intervene in the dominated political environment in which they live.

Both African men and women seek to give meaning to the word liberation in the hopes of delivering a realised dream to the youths of Africa.

Africa’s Environment

Environmental repair and justice contribute to Africa’s liberation as concerns of exploiting Africa’s natural resources continue to go unscathed.

“African Liberation Day for us is only an instrument to help organize our people”

Crimes against Africa’s people (more specifically its children) and its environment proves formidable with the continuing extraction of Africa’s resources, disregarding any humane thought to the health and safety of its people whilst contributing to the destruction of the world’s environment.


Sources: Pambazuka, Britain.TV, Pan-African news


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