Water, Sanitation and Africa

Image courtesy of End Water Poverty

Water and sanitation is a global crisis affecting Billions of people across the globe as millions of women and children endure hours of walking in search of clean water.

How it affects Africa

Africa is faced with an epidemic as only 62% of Africans have access to safe water and 60% to adequate sanitation.

As a result of climate change Africa is forced to bear the burden of the worlds actions with millions of Africans being confronted with the consequences of water stress.

What’s being done?

Many projects are underway in addressing Africa’s water shortage and in closing the gap between the millions of people who are unfortunate to not have access to clean water.  

Taking further action

In helping to put an end to the global crisis in water and sanitation the End Water Poverty organisation has launched a global campaign aimed to reduce poverty and improve the health of billions in response to the 2008 UN year of sanitation.

Please show your support and take the time to visit the website.


Sources:  WSP, The World Bank, peopleandplanet, End Water Poverty, WaterAid


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