The importance of vodcasting to a journalist

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Fair Trade comes to Birmingham

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LUCIA’s Partnership with Africa

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How important is podcasting to a Journalist?

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This week the hot topic of discussion was podcasts and the right elements needed to create a good podcast that will keep listeners tuned-in and coming back.

Professionals – Podcasts

Before attempting our own podcast we listened to those professionally done, and done well. With so many UK newspapers and businesses offering the service of RSS feeds and podcasts such as The Guardian, BBC News, Sky Sports, Times Online, Telegraph, and The New York Times, I started to wonder how important is a podcast to a journalist?

Searching for Answers

Wanting to know more I started searching the internet using Google, searching for answers to my question. I came across the Journalism (The essential site for journalists) website and found a post on how to become a podcaster, but not why its important for journalists to create podcasts.

Other useful sources I discovered include two posts, one by a guy named Tom and another by Andy Carvin. Both posts discuss Dan Rather’s talk at the South by Southwest conference in Austin, Texas. Rather is a former anchor and managing director of CBS News and is Dean of the Graduate School of Journalism.

Podcasts with answers to my Questions

Andy Carvin and UC Berkley Webcast offer podcasts of Dan Rather discussing journalism and the internet with relevance to both blogging and pod casting. Although Rather refers to journalism in America, I felt it still had bearing on journalism itself.


What I’ve come to realise is that both blogging and podcasting (recorded interviews, unedited material, discussions and debates) are valuable assets in building up a journalist’s reputation. Like most things Pro’s and Con’s are applied when using such tools as they publicly document jormalist’s skills or lack there of. The use of the internet however is a great tool that allows journalists to obtain greater sources of information and report headline breaking news as its happening. Through blogging and podcasting journalists are simply offering more information to the public at a more reliable and faster pace.

I also recommend you check out Paul Bradshaw’s blog on ‘How important is it for new journalism graduates to have their own blog’

Sources: UKsuperweb, Podcast FAQ, Podcast

Dissaproval over Uranium mines in Namibia

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Green is the new Black – “The new revolution”

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Coping with the unexpected

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